Whilst each client is unique and I approach their care with a personalised approach, we are never alone in our struggles.

Common threads are woven through each of us, it's what makes us human, it's how we relate.  

With their permission I am sharing some client stories with you so that you can gain insight into how I have helped others and in turn, how I can help you.

The biggest changes I have noticed since beginning the program have been my attitude, diet and exercise. Sara helped me turn my inner negative into positive, peaceful energy to be able to be an active participant in healing my life.  My gut health has improved, I am more grateful and I’m beginning to lose weight.  Sara was sensitive to my needs, a person who used her knowledge to help and heal my wounded spirit and body. She helped me see how my disharmony was harming my spiritual and mental wellbeing.  Sara is a wonderful, kind spirit who helps those wounded to grasp their inner strength to free themselves of their self prisons and harness the gratitude to heal.  Sara helped me put the lost puzzle pieces together to grow and heal from a dark space. Her nurturing skills allowed me to find the inner strength to empower my growing to complete health.
— Ellen
Sara helped me spiritually and physically.  She guided me through the elimination diet and helped me come to terms with some major changes that were happening in my life.  Sara believes in healing the whole self, not just the physical body.  I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through some of the challenges I was facing without her.  She is a beautiful person, even after our sessions ended she still continues to check in on me to see how I’m doing.  She’s been an amazing support system.  She has a nursing and catering background and is extremely knowledgable about integrative health and nutrition.
— Rachael
Sara was extremely encouraging about any progress I made between sessions.  I now recognize that taking care of myself needs to be a primary concern, I should not be last on the list.  Sara always seems to understand underlying issues whether I could communicate them or not.  I am so glad I took this chance and gained awareness of what is working in my life and what to let go.  It makes all the difference moving forward.  I enjoyed our time together.
— Becky
Thank you for all of your support. All of you love and for being you. I cried tears of happiness all day yesterday! You have been a blessing in my life. Of all the years of therapy and psychologists, I have never achieved what you have helped me achieve. It’s remarkable.
— Anonymous
Even though I was already adept at eating gluten free, Sara was able to offer an outside perspective on my diet and help me to add some easy, tasty and filling items. Sara is a great listener and immediately put me at east to talk about anything – that alone, being vulnerable, was a tremendous help and offered me insight just by sharing with a trusted and objective person. She also gave insight about some personality traits that were influencing my feelings or my take on certain situations. Sara worked with me through discussions on relationships and on developing a more open, trusting and fulfilling personal life.

Sara is immediately kind and warm. She creates a comfortable and private space in which to share. Sara is genuine and open to anything you might want to discuss.
— Candace
After working with Sara, the biggest changes I have made have been emotionally, in my confidence. I have found my voice. I have grown. I have pushed myself and created boundaries with certain people. I am feeling “enough” and don’t need the validation from others like I used to. Sara is compassionate, a great listener, positive, encouraging, honest and knowledgeable.

I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better or improve their health whether you want to have a better relationship with food, family or friends. Sara can help you. Our work was all encompassing, not just about food or eating. I learned how eating well, meal prep and nutrition can play a role in emotional health.
— Renée
Sara was able to help me by educating me in the area of food and guiding me towards fresh, unprocessed foods. Sara has provided me with many delicious recipes that have become form favorites with me and my family, not to mention changing some of our bad snacking habits with more healthy options that we enjoy just as much - I never thought this could be possible.

Sara gave me much guidance around carving out time for my yoga, meditation and living mindfully. Sara had a lot of ideas and information to get me where I wanted to be in terms of my yoga and daily meditation goals.

Sara is the real deal! She is very authentic, her positive and caring attitude is very infectious (and helpful). Sara can get to the heart of what you need very quickly and put you on a great path to a very healthy and happy life.
— Julie
After hitting a wall in life and a total career burn out I was recommended to Sara from a Friend. It’s now been 6 months, and with our bi-weekly open communicative sessions I have been able to refocus back to my core values, and big rocks. There has been a realignment on priorities in my diet, relationships and business. This compass has helped me make better life decisions and commitment and execution of plans & goals. The affect has been a total physical, mental and spiritual transformation and overall well being. I could not be in the happy place I am right now and the positive affects it’s had on my core relationships without Sara Green. My life is indebted to her.
— Steve
I have lost weight and it’s been painless!! I no longer binge on foods that are not good for me.  I enjoy treats in moderation and don’t deny myself.  Sara knows what she’s doing, she is an excellent listener and respects and meets you where you are at.  Be honest with yourself and she will guide you.
— Sylvia
Sara offered realistic, manageable changes...’baby steps’. My eating has become more mindful, my weight and mood have improved as well as my kitchen layout! I have a much better night time/sleep routine. I would describe Sara as incredibly kind, supportive and accepting. She never judges, but listens earnestly then offers small tweaks that help set me up for success in a painless way. I would recommend Sara to anyone! Especially those who are “stuck”. The process is very easy, but over time huge changes can be achieved! I NEVER felt overwhelmed or like giving up.
— Allison
When I first came to Sara I was suffering debilitative digestive issues and was desperate to live a normal life.  I met Sara by which I can only describe as destiny.  She provided knowledge to help me, she supported me to get through every test and trial and she had an undying sympathetic attitude.  Not only did she help me heal my gut, she helped me gain a sense of positivity and peace.  She gave me the strength and confidence I needed to face my days.  She is sympathetic, compassionate, non-judgmental, encouraging, accepting, caring, attentive and instrumental.  I think everyone could use a Sara in their lives.
— Lauren
Sara was able to de-tangle the chaotic web of thoughts in my mind and help me prioritize, clarify and take action. I have started and maintained a full exercise program with Sara’s guidance. I have also taken several cooking classes and increased my cooking confidence. I am happier, I have learned to let go of patterns not serving me, embrace with gratitude things that are and treat myself as I would a close friend. I would describe Sara as the best thing that has happened since moving to NE Ohio 2 years ago. She is intelligent, witty, trust-worthy, caring, creative and focused on her clients. She is adroit at getting to the heart of the issue and offering amazing suggestions and personal resources. Truly a life changing experience for me. My only regret is that I didn’t find Sara earlier but starting to trust that I met her at exactly the right time.
— Laura
Sara was able to help me by addressing the many factors that affect eating and assist me with nourishing my body and soul - not just with food but with mindfulness, meditation, self-empowerment, support and education. The personalized approach has been key for me.

I would describe Sara as friendly, caring, knowledgeable, helpful, insightful, honest and dedicated.

I would recommend her to anyone. I really think most people could use improvement in their eating habits. Being at a healthy weight doesn’t mean you are healthy or nurturing yourself as well as you could. I wish everyone would get a coach! This has been so helpful to me in so many ways. Ways I didn’t even know I could improve or change to positively impact my life.
— Katelyn