• We will create visually-rich website with capabilities and features listed above. The design will be modern, mobile friendly, and on par with clean/calming website designs such as https://www.healthygrocerygirl.com/https://againstallgrain.com/  and https://thrivemarket.com
  • We will work with you on key messages to be featured throughout the website that will best serve those looking to enlist your services (i.e. "what's one thing you can do to be healthier today?" "Nourishment on many levels," "nutrition comes in many different forms," We'll get to root cause of the imbalance")
  • We will schedule an hour training session to show you how make additions to the website's blog and event calendar, as well as editing page content when needed

I love your idea of explaining the concept of integrative health because that's where my approach is unique and different to traditional health care, that's the magic and what people need to know makes a difference.  For example, I had a new client start 2 days ago who said to me at the end of our session, "Wow, I thought you were just going to talk to me about what I eat, I've tried that approach many times before, but this is so much more and clearly I need to work on all these other areas."  Whilst I do support them with clean eating principles, nutritious snack and meal suggestions, recipes etc, my work goes so much deeper than that and people come to realize that it's all connected.

At some point I need to get the links to you to add on the homepage that connect directly to:

-Me being an Ambassador for Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  People interested in becoming a HC can sign up for the Program through me and I can give them tuition discount offers
-I am a Wellness Advocate for Do Terra essential oils and people can order through me
-In the near future I am signing up to be a Beautycounter consultant
-I looked at becoming a Thrive Market affiliate and they want to see stats such as web page visits/social media followers etc so I thought we could get the site up and running first and then I can apply for that.  If you get a minute check, out their website under affiliates so you can see what info I need to give them.  I am still pretty small with my reach so I'm not sure if I will be accepted yet.  But I do recommend it to clients as it's an affordable way to purchase organic products